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Upcoming Events
  • Fr, 26.07 / 23:00

    Tension Nightsession:

    Lilly Palmer

    • Doma
    • Jelena
  • Sa, 27.07 / 23:00

    Tension Nightsession:


    Yulia Niko

    • Michel Sacher
    • Sebastian Konrad
    • Taala
  • We, 31.07 / 23:00

    All Night Long:


  • Th, 01.08 / 16:00



    • Shiffer
    • Somatic Rituals
  • Fr, 02.08 / 23:00

    Summer Session:

    • Pash
    • Fabio Amore
    • Goden
    • Sahaf
  • Sa, 03.08 / 16:00


    Jaden Thompson


    • Bedran
    • oio
    • Tanja Alison
    • Andreas Ramos
    • Fulvio Calà
    • Mike The Connector

Nordstern Club

A melting pot for culture, art, music and stuff in Basel, Switzerland since 2000!

The lower deck of this converted cargo ship is a land of milk and honey for clubbers with high expectations. Nordstern has been running for 20 years and has found its final home on this ship, a home that was first completely gutted and then outfitted with a „room in a room“ concept to ensure perfect acoustics.

This is where the who-is-who of the international club music scene streams in and out, and thanks to the cooperation with L-Acoustics and WSDG, two world-renowned companies in the field of sound, a space for unique acoustic experiences has been created. Nothing is obsolete, everything is not what you say, but how you say it.


Please book your locker online. This way you have immediate access with zero waiting time when entering the club.

  • - 2-4 people possible per locker
  • - Unlimited access during rent
  • - Book and pay online
  • - No waiting time
  • - Max A4 size bags

Lockers are only bookable for the same day!



Westquaistrasse 19

CH-4057 Basel

→ Arriving by public transport Tram #8 or bus #36 until Kleinhüningen station 5 minutes walk direction Rhein river from there on

→ Arriving by car Limited public parking spaces available (free parking after 23:00)


Nordstern Enterprise GmbH

Gasstrasse 1

4056 Basel

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Please send an email including description (brand, color, etc.).

Lost items are stored for 2 months. Afterwards, ID cards and bank cards are destroyed, clothes and found objects are handed over for recycling.