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Dear Nordfolk

The federal and cantonal ordinances on fighting Covid-19, which are effective from today, unfortunately force us to temporarily close our operations with immediate effect.

Already in early summer we were extremely sceptical about the hasty reopenings, but were forced to resume operations due to the cancellation of support services. We have implemented the approved protection concepts at great expense, which was confirmed to us by both the Department of Health and the Department of Justice of the Canton of Basel-Stadt (“exemplary implementation”).

Due to the spatial conditions, the obligation to be seated when consuming drinks, which is valid from today, is simply not feasible for our company – or only with considerable investment. And since we fear further adjustments to the regulations in the near future, such investments are simply not justifiable. In addition to this, the number of guests allowed is once again limited to 100 (per sector), which makes an economic operation impossible.

We very much regret that the authorities have repeatedly failed to engage in dialogue with the industry or its representatives in order to develop common effective approaches. Apparently, this is not the right time for events at the moment, which the authorities are bluntly stating in their communication. We do not question this, but we would like to see a more determined attitude. A temporary closure ordered by the authorities would at least give us some planning security, in contrast to unrealistic and constantly changing regulations.

Please understand that we cannot make any statements at this point about the date of a possible reopening. We will inform you on all channels in due course. Purchased tickets will of course be refunded promptly.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones & stay healthy!
Team Nordstern

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