A club is setting out for new shores, without losing sight of the past. Since the turn of the millennium, Nordstern stands for excellent clubbing. As one of Switzerland’s leading electronic music institutions, after more than a decade in an old power substation at Voltaplatz, the club moved into its new home at the border triangle in 2016: Into the lower deck of a transformed cargo ship exceeding a length of 100 meters.

L-Acoustics and WSDG were responsible for sound design and architectural acoustic at the lower deck of the ship; two world-renowned companies for a club with a global reputation.
8 L-Acoustics ARCS II (ceiling mount), 6 L-Acoustics SB28 (ceiling mount), 4 L-Acoustics LA8 – Booth: Granite work surface (spring-suspended), 2 L-Acoustics X15HiQ, 2 L-Acoustics SB18i, 2 L-Acoustics LA4X

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Nordstern, Westquaistrase 19, 4057 Basel, info@nordstern.com